Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super Full Episodes (Bakersfield)

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Hello Craigslist, I'm a big Dragon Ball fan and I'd like to inform other fans that I have all the Dragon Ball Movies and episodes and DB Super Manga at a small price for your convenience. I have the following:
Dragon Ball 153 episodes
Dragon Ball Z 291 episodes
Dragon Ball Super 131 episodes
And Most DB movies in ENGLISH DUB!
Dragon Ball Super Full Manga & Manga viewer for Desktop/Laptop computers. (.exe file).
I also have a list of Fan Art that I highly recommend you watch on YouTube. please contact me for pricing on the episodes and manga. You will need to bring your portable hard drive and I'll copy all the files ( or as many as you want) over to your HD. *Please note that for the full collection you'll need a Solid State Hard Drive (fastest) with at least 2+ Terabytes of space. You can also drop off you drive with payment and come pick it up at a later date. Please allow 2 or more days for processing for the full collection since I only do this on my spare time thank you.
Please keep in mind that I will give you a CONSIDERABLE DISCOUNT on all these compared to what you have to pay for them if you buy them off amazon or anywhere else! Contact me for more details!. And if I don't have something that you're looking for I WILL FIND IT!!

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