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Hi I'm Paula,

As a Spiritual Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, Relationship Coach and divine channel of the most high unconditional love creating a space for you to connect with your higher heart of who you truly are and the deepest healing available, within you, I am honored to share my natural born healing gifts through Energy Healing.

I’ve received training in Usui Reiki, ThetaHealing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angelic Healing and have learned many other healing modalities.

I’ve trained many years with master healers and spiritual teachers, including mastering my own inner healing throughout this journey of life, sharing deep contributions to the loving guidance of my 28 years of experience in energy healing work, counseling and psychic readings in service to thousands of clients worldwide!

✨ Below are a list of services I provide. Each person is so special and unique I customize your healing session for your specific needs.

*Energy healing

*Reiki healing

*Aura cleansing

*Emotional healing

*Nervous system healing

*Cord Cutting

*Chronic pain healing

*Clearing limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns

*Relief from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ptsd and emotional trauma from the past.

*Healing to get over a heartbreak from an ex lover.

*Removal of negative energy and raising your vibration so you attract positive things. This also involves teaching you how your thoughts, fears and deep seated beliefs draw in these experiences and how you can tune out of it by understanding the nature of reality.

*Guided Talk Healing Meditation session for relaxation, inner peace and activating your energy.

*Life Coaching to help you overcome your fears, insecurities and to help you grow into feeling your natural state of peace.

*Relationship Coaching

*Spiritual Mentoring

*Talk and deep nonjudgmental listening for when you feel alone, you need someone to talk to, vent and get things off your chest or you just want to be heard.



If you are struggling with long standing several multiple emotional and trauma issues I really recommend getting the two hour Ultimate Healing Session.

It's for those who want a deeper healing and are ready to let go of what no longer serves them.

If you have been struggling with your emotions and trauma, you've been to other healers, spiritualist, therapists, psychologists, hypnotherapist, you've done the work on yourself, you've read self help books and still you suffer emotionally, then this session is for you.

I have a strong advanced healing ability to energetically change your negative thoughts patterns, subconscious beliefs, perspectives, feelings and emotional state to a happy, positive, calm and grounded state within minutes.

This session also works for those that are skeptical and feeling completely hopeless.

I've had many clients who have had up to 10 to 20 years of therapy for their emotional sufferings having no relief or healing results.

When they experienced a healing session with me the problem was gone for good.

Even if you never sought out help before and this is all new to you, I can help you.

This session is a combination of a full complete Energy Healing to clear deeper emotional and negative thought pattern issues at the root cause.

This powerful Energy Healing balances, restores and clears your aura, removes negative energies, brings protection and good fortune.

I can heal emotional problems and negative thought patterns that can cause certain disturbances such as:

-panick attack
-self doubt
-unusual mood swings
-highly sensitive
-negative self talk
-low energy
-constant indecisiveness
-feeling out of your body
-not feeling grounded
-suicide thoughts
-feeling like you lost yourself
-fear of abandonment
-fear of rejection
-fear of being alone
-dark night of soul
-empath problems
-pain in the body
-heartbreak/unable to get over an ex

✨ Raise your vibration higher and much more. You will experience results with having only one session.

✨ My healing sessions are customized to your specific needs if there is something you are struggling with emotionally not listed here that you need help with you can let me know.


Price for over the phone sessions:

1 hr Energy Healing/Reiki: $100
2 hr Ultimate Energy Healing: $200

1 hr Guided Meditation: $100
1 hr Relationship Coaching: $100
1 hr Life Coaching/Talk session: $100

✨ In person 2 hr Session: $350
✨ I'm located in Tehachapi

🙏 May your heart be filled with rich transformation, abundance and more heart centered alignment than ever before!

💜 All sessions are done over the phone.

~ Please text first to book an appointment or to request a free 10 minute phone consultation.

(661) 573-2557

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