🌿 Struggling with negative thoughts, anxiety and depression everyday? (Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Landcaster Ca)

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🌟 Are you tired of battling intrusive, irrational thoughts that hijack your peace of mind every single day?

Since the moment you can remember, these relentless thoughts have plagued your mind, robbing you of joy and inner calm.

But here's the truth: Your subconscious mind holds the key to unraveling this mental turmoil.

It's like a powerful supercomputer, processing every thought, feeling, and belief that shapes your reality.

Similar to a programmed robot, your mind has been imprinted with countless fear-based beliefs and feelings throughout your life, creating a default setting that feels impossible to change.

But what if I told you that you hold the power to rewrite this script and reclaim your mental sovereignty?

Santana, my client, a courageous beautiful soul who found herself trapped in a cycle of severe emotional stress and daily battles with intrusive thoughts.

Day after day, she felt as though maintaining her energy and emotions was a relentless 24-hour task, just to keep them at a manageable level.

Despite trying countless therapies and interventions, she felt stuck and hopeless, resentful of her own mind and past.

But when Santana crossed paths with me and my signature Heart Love Healing technique, everything changed.

With over 29 years of honing my intuitive signature energy healing gifts, I intuitively delved deep into Santana's subconscious and heart, gently unraveling the layers of the twists and turns of her fear and negative thought patterns that held her captive.

With my distinctive fusion of energy healing and intuitive guidance, I realigned Santana's subconscious mind and removed the trapped emotional energy within her body.

This gentle energy healing released the hold of irrational thoughts, paving the path for profound healing and transformation.

Through our work together, Santana experienced a liberation she never thought possible. 🦋

Her mind and body became a sanctuary of peace, free from the constant chatter of fear and self doubt.

Imagine waking up each day with a sense of calm and clarity, knowing that you hold the power to shape your reality according to your deepest desires.

If you're ready to break free from the shackles of intrusive thoughts and reclaim your inner peace, I invite you to join me on a transformative journey of healing and empowerment.

⚜ I offer a 2-month 1-on-1 program called Heart Love Healing, where we'll work over the phone together to dissolve the barriers holding you back and usher in a new era of emotional freedom and joy.

⚜ I offer single sessions as well.

✨ I work with both men and women.
✨ My sessions are done over the phone.
✨ Price for a single phone session is $200
✨ Price for my 8 week program is $2500

🌟 Each healing phone session can last up to 1 to 2 hours depending on how much time you need.

Text me if you're ready to step into a life of abundance and serenity.

Let's talk and see if we're a harmonious match destined for healing and growth. 💜

🌟 I do have a website and five star yelp reviews to share with you during our consultation.

⚜ Text Paula and ask for a free 10 minute phone consultation or to book an appointment.

(661) 573-2557

**I do not offer massage**

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