Custom drum tracks for your music, from a Producer / Engineer / Songwriter with gold and platinum album credits. And the best session drummers in Los Angeles.
We will record your song(s) in our studio, with the best Los Angeles session drummers, giving you world-class, multitrack drum tracks. Incorporating your vision, your ideas and your notes. And you don't even need to be here, but you are certainly welcome! In person or via phone or video conferencing from wherever you are in the world!
Home-based recording with drum loops, samples, and programmed tracks have a certain sound and feel that comes with that approach. They are great for some genres of music. And they are great for songwriting!
But for many styles of music, there is still nothing like a real human playing a real drum kit! But several things are key to getting that right and sounding awesome: The right drummer, an appropriately equipped studio, and a producer / engineer experienced at recording great live drums. Bringing those all together is no easy task. But we have done just that for over 25 years.
Online/remote recording is designed for singers, songwriters, and producers who don't have access to great drummers or studios, but want high-end, major label drums in their songs. We will record drums for your song in a studio built for recording drums and live bands, with one of several of the best studio drummers in Los Angeles (subject to availability and your unique needs). We will pick the right one for your music. Or if there is one in LA that you would prefer, we can arrange that too!
If your track already has some programmed beat or loop(s), having a live drummer play along with that can add a whole new "live" feel to your programmed music.
We can do all this without you being present, or we can schedule the session when you can be there via Facetime etc. That is like being there yourself!

• Completely customized Soundcraft TS-12 analog recording console that now sounds more like an SSL.
• Universal Audio and Focusrite preamps and EQs
And a tried and true array of mics used for recording drums on a zillion records that you know and love. See our gear list for details LINK

Wherever you are in the world, you simply send us the song you need drums recorded for. We then talk on the phone or video conference (best) or email and discuss exactly what you envision. Then we record the drums for your song and send you back an MP3, with the new drums replacing your demo drums (or metronome) in your song, for your approval. At that point you can make specific changes to the drum parts or request a full new take*. When you are completely satisfied with the drum parts, we send you your great sounding, full quality, multitrack drum performance files to add to your master!
*Only if you are present via video, telephone, or in person.

DRUM TRACKING: Our standard setup is 13-microphones (different setups upon request):
Kick IN
Kick OUT
Snare TOP
3 Toms
Overheads Left/Right
Rooms Left/Right
This is a typical setup for many of your favorite records. From here your mixer can do just about anything with the sounds if he/she has the mixing chops and experience.
NOTE: We can also mix your final song if you wish! LINK

The cost varies due to all the different scenarios above, but they start at just $300 per song. If you do more that one song, the price per song decreases. Please call us so we can find out your needs what it will cost for your unique project.

More info on us on our website:


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