deze oproep favoriet maken re re TWITLER dit bericht verbergen tonen

My Response:

Well since this original post:

Manafort WAS found Guilty and is on trail AGAIN for additional charges with ties to RUSSIA

Michael Cohen has plead guilty to breaking multiple laws and said he did so at the direction of TWITLER making TWITLER a co-conspirator

Omarosa's tapes are showing TWITLER crimes

Looks like Paul Ryan has collected his payment from Russia - possibly a Bag Boy for GOP payments from Russia

Maybe you should turn off FOX NEWS (GOP propaganda network) and get your news elsewhere

Your Emailed Response:

"What in the world are you talking about?"

Original Post:

TWITLER is losing his mind.

Omarosa has over 200 tapes and videos

Manafort is going to be found guilty for his first trial and his second trial is going to be directly about RUSSIA

Michael Cohen is about to be indicted

Rudy Giuliani, TWITLERS attorney, says that "Truth Isn't Truth"

While he's talking "Collusion" Mueller is going after TWITLER for "CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE UNITED STATES"

Republicans, like Rand Paul, are going to Russia to pickup their paychecks

Takes away Security Clearance from Brennan? Seriously?? Proving once again he has No Clue what the hell he is doing!!
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